Random Stuff

Army Accident Avoidence

The header file that used to be good enough.

The log of my Army time I kinda stopped keeping in June of 2002.

.gif version of the Gunbuster UN Spacy logo

.ico version of the Gunbuster UN Spacy logo

I bought an Imagination CI20 MIPS dev board to make a DECStation Mini, and I want to run Ultrix on it.
I found sources for Ultrix 4.2, but not 4.5 yet.
NetBSD already runs on the CI20, so it shouldn't be impossible.

A copy of ns4.reboot.net.au's Ultrix Archive. I removed the VMS-style ;1 version numbers.

I've been playing with Circuit Python and Arduino, and here's some of the stuff I've written.

An ancient copy of putty.exe, for when I can't find a proper one.

Fanfic I've been writing. I'm sorta shifting editors again (I started on emacs, switched to vim, suffered with Word, LibreOffice, and Textedit, now I'm playing with Scrivener) so my newest stuff isnt't here.

A test directory?

Random stuff I'm moving about.

Welding class pictures and videos.