Stories I've written, and consider mostly `done'
[] series info
() romantic pairings
Completed series at three parts.
[R1/2] (R/A, Ko/U)

Final Attempt:
Continuing, more bits in drafts
[R1/2, SM, others] (R/Ka/U, S/A, others)

Shin Seiki Evangelion
Ikari Shinji-kun visits an odd record store.
[FA, Eva] (A/I/S)

Dark Kingdom Rising
What good is a gun against a youma? Continuing, more in drafts
[SM, others] (U/R/M, others)

Finished short stuff

Nyuchezuu No Senshi, Ranma:
Ranma gets adopted as a Chinese Amazon
[R1/2, TM!] (Ra/f, Ra/Ry)

Ranma finds a potion that might cure his curse. It does, somewhat.
[R1/2] (R/U, R/?/?)

Sailor Moon 1/6:
My take on the ever-popular Ranma/Sailor Moon fusion.

Inspired (so to speak) by _Gratuity_, an unfinished Ranma lemon story.
Ranma never backs down from a challenge, no matter how squicky.
[R1/2] (many, femmeslash)

Ranma chases after a strange girl with a ribbon. What is the meaning of trust anyway?
[R1/2] (Ko/R){explicit}

Stories and bits that I'm still "actively" working on. ^_-

Abandoned works:
Stories and bits I just don't think will ever be finished.

	Please, even an `I read blah-blah, and I {liked it|thought it sucked}'
	is appreciated ^_^
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